Saturday, July 5, 2014

Splat is all That

Picture a warm summer day
and four fearless painters
waiting to toss paint and see what happens.
Laying down a rainbow surface
will chase away any hesitation.
Or start with a favorite color.
Prepare your surface and lay out
your colors...a whole lot of fun
is about to begin.
And things are going to get messy.
Our goal for the day was to paint simple
surfaces and then splatter them with colors of
choice to turn them into flower gardens.
The technique is something I spotted on
My Flower Journal and the ladies and I
have been waiting for the weather to do it.

There is an article about Tammy in the 2014 
July/August issue of the 
A favorite magazine of mine.

 Basically the technique involves painting a surface
background and flinging or tapping paint spots and blobs
as the basis of your picture.
After you have spotted and blobbed your way to
true gleeful add some stems, leaves,
flower petals etc. to complete the picture.

Thus....this became...
Add a few stems and...viola!
A garden delight.
I always love Melysa's unique twist on things.

Sandi slung paint like a pro.
Not Les Miserables at all....

How can you not be happy when you
start with yellow?

Deanna went for the bold statement.
As for me...

I turned two postcards into four bookmarks.
This really popped...
in a purple frame.
If you don't have paint all over...
hands to...
(I know..there is only one shown..
but she has two...)
then you aren't playing hard enough!
"The art of being happy lies in the power of
extracting happiness from common things."
~  Henry Ward Beecher

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