Monday, October 28, 2013

Monet in Giverny

While we were in Paris we took a short
trip to Giverny by train to see Monet's
house and gardens.



Along the way....


Monet's house....we could explore several of the
rooms but were not allowed to take pictures.
One of the most interesting things about the interior
was the huge collection of Japanese woodblock prints.
They filled the wall space in room after room.


Looks inviting doesn't it?



Let's wander through the garden a bit.....

There are all kinds of visitors...

The famous arch with the house
in the background.


"Iris Bed in Monet's Garden"

Such vivid pink...
it almost looks unreal..


Now let's go to the lily pond...

It's quite a walk around..
I'm sure it was a peaceful paradise for Monet.

Monet wrote in a letter to his mistress Alice:
"I shall be happy to come back and resume my 
life in the country.  It seems to me I will derive
deep pleasure from painting there."

Lots of the famous Lily Pads...

"You should know I am immersed in work.
These landscapes of water and reflection 
have become my obsession."  ~Monet

 Water lilies and a glimpse of the bridge...


Of course it is not the same bridge that Monet
painted.  The wooden bridges have all been 
replaced.  But it sent a thrill through my
heart nonetheless....

One of Monet's Japanese Footbridge and Water
Lily paintings...

It was rare to get a glimpse...let alone a
picture of the bridge without someone
mugging for the camera already on it.

 Coming back around...


Monet took trips out in the boat to sketch and paint.

And here we are back at the house...
where a kind soul took our picture. 

Pointing the way out..and toward the
souvenir shop where I bought several lovely
books about Monet's gardens. 

Best book about Monet..Ever!
If you are going to pick one...make it this one.
Wonderful pictures from the gardens, pond and house.
Many pictures are black and white photos on one side
blending into one of Monet's paintings.
Gorgeous flower pictures...Shade's Monet pick!!

2nd pick...if you want to introduce Monet
to someone younger...this one is great.
Story of Linnea and her friend Mr. Bloom
and their journey to Giverny to visit Monet's Garden.

I hope you find time to visit...
Monet's Garden is a magical place. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meet me in Marais

We stayed in the Marais district during
our September visit to Paris and there 
was plenty to see in the neighborhood.

Rides on the Metro...


Blocks and blocks of bookstalls....

The famed Shakespeare and Company..
where I got in trouble for trying to
take an inside picture.  The nerve!
And yes...I added to my collection.
Who can resist?

There is Boofle below..
hitting the bookbins for a bargain.

Fun..colorful shops.

Inviting tables at sidewalk cafes....


Notre Dame...

Hotel de Ville..

Paris city hall stands proudly.  This spot has been
the center of city government since 1357.


Lovely statues everywhere..


Local scammers sell locks to decorate a
bridge with proclamations of love and
devotion.  It's a scam...but it sure looks cool.

Every city has it's graffiti...

Musee d'Orsay...
no picture taking allowed.  Sad face...

Just another pretty statue...

Music from the locals....

I'm looking a bit weather beaten...
but standing next to a Matisse painting
at the Orangerie Museum.  Matisse is my
Impressionist crush.

Picasso...I love those large women...
forget the scales...curves are in.

Another Picasso...

Have you seen Paris at night?

Floating along on the Seine...

Surrounded by light and beauty...

Eating amazing food....on this river cruise...

And who are these happy people?

Maybe they have something to celebrate...

How about a marriage proposal in Paris
under the glow of the Eiffel Tower...
on my birthday!
Did I say yes?
You bet I did...