Sunday, May 18, 2014

Modigliani Madness

"No other painter of modern times has been as
heavily burdened with as many legends, myths
and cliches as Amedeo Modigliani. 


Modigliani is the prototype of the artist who executes
his work in the draughty studios of Montmartre and
Montparnasse, intoxicated by alcohol, hashish, love and
poetry.....lives in the artistic heart of Paris and at the 
same time stands isolated on the fringes of the belle
epoque.....(yet) never seems to waver in pursuing his 
own path; who experiences little or no success and is
and is so poor that he can only just pay his bills in the
legendary bars.....with quickly sketched portraits of the
customers; who dies - at the young age of 35 - of
tuberculosis, penniless and emaciated at the end of a 
life which has been entirely devoted to art.

 To heighten the tragedy of his life even more, on the 
day after his death, his pregnant young fiancee, Jeanne 
Hebuterne, jumps from her parents' fifth floor flat,
leaving behind their small daughter as an orphan."

MODIGLIANI ~ Doris Krystof 
Published by Taschen

Six friends gathered in the perfect temperature
of a sunny Saturday afternoon to celebrate the art
of Modigliani.  We had a wonderful breeze, green
grass from all of the rain...and plenty of tempting
snacks for nibbling while browsing the other
artists progress.  Luscious, sweet strawberries anyone?

We each picked our own picture for inspiration...
and here is what happened in the next three hours.

Katie brought a friend and first time painter.
Katie coached her through the process of reproducing
"Our Lady of the Carrot".


Katie added a few finishing touches at home
with her colored pencils.  Her friend was shy about
showing her first time work...but I can tell you
it was really good.  Maybe she will share next time.

 Jean chose to do "Woman in Yellow Jacket"
also known as "The Amazon".  I think she did the
largest canvas and finished before the rest of us.

Those are some impressive sketching skills..
and the proportions and shading are amazing.

I can hardly believe she did this in
less than three hours!

Karleen went a different route and turned a
reclining nude into a languorous kitty...

Stretttccccchhhhhhh....that spine.

Purffffffect colors and so much fun!

Sandi clearly does things her own way...
four brushes at once...she's a busy painter.

Sandi chose "Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne".
I love the colors in this palette....

She said this picture reminds her of 
someone special in her life.  I can't wait
to hear her reaction to this lovely painting.

I chose this picture because of the the expression
of the model's face, reinforced by the color palette.

Here I am part way through, trying to capture the
quiet, resolved weariness of her demeanor.

This is the original...

And here is my is my tired French girl.
I am pleased with her and want to paint more.
She reminds me of the mythic bohemian Paris
I am so in love with.

Look at this group of happy, proud painters...
minus the shy one.  There are more play dates
coming and I'll keep you posted....I promise.

Here is some Parisian prettiness to enjoy...

Bon Jour my readers!