Monday, September 14, 2015

Beach Blog

Greetings from the world's most unreliable blogger!
(Once again blogspot is putting in spaces where I 
had none.  My perfectionist Virgo self is going nuts.)

Remember me?
Shown here with Boofle and Critter.
That's right...Boofle has a girlfriend now.
These two tagged along on my recent coast trip.

Here we are in Florence at Mo's
enjoying some good eats and a great view.
 I got to spend four fantastic days with these ladies.

This is a group of women that i meet with once a 
month for dinner and good conversation.  They make 
my life better in every way.  Two of these lovelies
are missing from the picture.  Someone had to take
camera duty and one could not make the trip this time.
We strolled the beach, gathered rocks, visited Heceta
lighthouse, watched movies, did some great artwork...

and ate snacks.

My readers know I'm an art lover.
Check out the art spread.
My proudest moment was teaching a
watercolor class with two people who have
never painted before. 
I drew several flower bouquets for the ladies
to choose from.  They did some warm-ups
mixing paint and making a color sample sheet
to refer to while painting their pictures.
As you can see below
they did an exceptional job.

This is Jeanne's Blue Beauty.
She has never painted before.
Pretty good huh!

Deanna painted a beautiful
pastel watercolor.  Very soft
and feminine.

I went for a rich orange with
sassy spots.  Looks good
enough to eat.

Vickie was my other newbie.
She made what she thought was
a mistake...but we turned it
into wonderful feathers in the
back.  I love it.

Kris painted a fabulous full
bouquet.  I think she has
a real flair.  She also hosted
our weekend away for which
we all are so grateful.

I love that everyone was eager to try
something new.  Art is a joyous way to
connect with other people.  And it is so
absorbing that time just flies.

The expressions on my students faces
when they completed their paintings
made my heart soar.
I am so proud of them.

On another creative weekend the
painting group got together to work on
the theme Brilliant Bouquets.
Jean worked with colored pencils
to create this beautiful rose.

Karleen painted this lovely vase
with bouquet in acrylics.

Sandi opted for watercolors
for her coffee flowers.

Melysa whipped out an amazing
"O' Keeffe" type flower. Lovely.

I did a watercolor based on a 
picture from a magazine.

 And just because I was enjoying the 
theme so much...I did this one too.

You just can't go wrong with flowers for inspiration.

Until next time...which I hope was sooner than last time!