Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to (ab)Normal

Well folks...we are back home and
back to normal.  But it doesn't feel
quite the same after a month away....
Did I mention to anyone that we just
spent a month visiting England, France and Ireland?
All we had to do each day was decide
where to go...and where to eat!
Wow....I know...

I spent my first week back unpacking my bags, doing
laundry, catching up at work, downloading pictures
and finding places for my souvenirs. 

The unofficial totals are in and they look like this:
40 books
3 mugs
14 paintings
16 prints
7 coaster sets
1 calendar
7 t-shirts
9 shot glasses
1 drum
2 sweatshirts
7 stuffed toys
7 key rings
5 tin signs
48 postcards
1 ornament
and various ephemera...
which we brought back in 4 suitcases.
We started with 3.
Lesson learned...ship packages next time..

I only did one drawing the whole time I was away..

I tend to use drawing and sketching as a 
way to slow down and pay attention to what
is in front of me.  But I've been wanting to do
some quick sketches where I set down my basic
impressions and move on.  This would allow me to draw
more pictures in one sitting.  
So... last evening in Nice I plopped down with my 
sketchbook and watercolors and whipped out a
 picture in one hour. 

This was the view from my painting table.

We had a beautiful garden space at our Hotel
in Nice to sit out and eat breakfast or enjoy 
some afternoon reading.

At the end of our visit at
I gave the painting to our hostess Marion.  

She asked if I was a famous artist...and sadly I had to say no.
But she was delighted with the painting and
said she would have it framed for viewing.
There is nothing like having someone like what you do.
Especially something that you do for pleasure.

A big thank you to Marion and her helpful staff.
Chris and I had a wonderful time at the hotel
and would recommend it to anyone visiting Nice.

We saw lots of fun

and flowers..

In closing....

Here is a picture of us strolling in the warm sun
after an afternoon at both the Matisse and 
Chagall museums.  (More about that in future posts)

Here is our picture getting ready to make
4 flights back home from Dublin. 
One of these things is not like the other!

Keep checking back...more trip pictures to come....

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