Sunday, July 27, 2014

Painting the Town

First of all I want to give a shout-out to
Art du Jour for the inspiration for these paintings.

The photo on the right is the reference picture.

I had two visitors, two weekends in a row
to paint their houses.  Here's Katie...
all about the color.

Her style reminds me of the paintings 
I saw in Santa Fe.  Luminous heat
radiating from the canvas.

Almost there...

Now that is the definition of
Hot Pink!

Melysa went another direction
with a sunny butter yellow.

We all pondered the bottom portion of the 
original painting.  Is it a street, a sidewalk,
a stream?  Time for interpretation...

Adding some shrubbery makes it homey.


I'd want to visit this cheerful house
if it was on my block.
 The pink color is what attracted me to
the painting, so I decided to copy it.
I didn't quite get it finished with the other ladies.

Here is our little neighborhood.

After a break from the 90 degree heat
I went outside in the cool of the evening
and put the finishing touches on.

Adding some shading made the pink pop!

Sandi and Jean came over the next weekend
for their take on the same picture.

Interestingly, they both went an intirely
different direction with their paint choices.

Jean decided on earth tones with a punch
of red and orange on the rooftop.

She also used a square canvas instead of
the 11 x 14 the rest of us used.
I like the battered look of the roof,
like it has baked from the heat.

Another mystery with the original painting
is, what is in the doorway?  It looks like 
Jean decided on flowers in a vase.

Sandi went for a white house.
She is queen of the pastel palate.

She did a great job of getting dimension
with the trees and bushes casting shadows
on the sidewalk.

There is a welcoming light for those
who come to visit.

Maybe the dab of orange is a reflection of the sun
dancing on the roof as the evening descends.

Here is Sandi and Jean's smaller neighborhood.

Sandi and Shade in the "hood".

As the famous quote says,
"There's no place like home."

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