Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keystone Cafe Play

I've been enjoying Nature's varied
personalities this morning from the
backyard viewing stage...
overcast, sprinkling rain, thunder, sun.
Coffee, books, ipad and Chris at my side.
Sunday morning bliss.

Cool new Rooster mug for enjoying my coffee.

This is Keystone Cafe...a breakfast institution in
Eugene, Oregon since 1979.  If you haven't eaten there
you have been missing out on one of the best
breakfast/brunch places around.

Sandi (my art buddy and regular on this blog) and I
have been wanting to sketch this place for awhile.
We figured that since this was the weekend of
The Oregon Country Fair, the streets would be clear
and we would have a clear shot of the building. 

We unpacked chairs and art supplies across
the street to much curiosity and speculation
from those inside.

Two hours and a few visitors later we had
our sketches made.  One visitor was from
Salt Lake City.  You never know who you will
meet when you are out drawing.  It's fun.
We asked the people who dropped by to 
sign our sketchbooks.

This is my version of Keystone Cafe.  I wish
I would have put in the parking meter and a 
Sandi had a Peter Max version in mind
and followed through.
You remember the art of Peter Max....

Max's psychedelic images were all over the
60's and 70's.

 Here is Sandi Max...
I think she got it just right.

After we packed up the supplies we went across
the street for a yummy pancake and parfait brunch.

  The shade was quite nice for painting.

 Sandi broke in her new watercolor paints.

Color and ketchup...

Shade's finished watercolor...
minus one window and a bicycle.

Two hours drawing...two hours painting.

Sandi's 70's relived...
Captures the spirit spectacularly.

Follow the magic of the melody...

All done and closed the place down!

Success times two.

Peace Out!

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