Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Haiku Hangover

Hello my faithful blogging peeps,
It's been a rather rainy week.
I have a special word surprise,
Involving Haiku, you may surmise.  

It started at work but then unraveled
At The Wine Lab where it traveled.
Here's a toast to Haiku taste,
And not a word drop spilled in haste.

Those itchy bug bites
Tell of happy camping days
No more school in sight.

The feeder is full
Squirrels want birdfeed snacks today
                                                   Move little Nuthatch.

Flowerpot with blooms
One could outgrow your safe home
Nurture its journey.

Dashing waterfall
Consistent in its wooing
Courts the stoney hearts.

Strawberry icecream
Melting on lips and fingers
Better get licking.

Little legs pumping fast
Red pigtails fly like streamers
Summers best playmate. 


 Roses blush today
Flaunting silk petals of youth
No thought of winter.


 The girls will gossip
After a glass of good wine
Whisper louder please.

Delicate blossoms
On outstretched limbs: Forever
Releasing skyward.
~  Sandi

 The fast cold stream
Meets the tumbled stones
Turns aside, moves on.
~  Chris

Just learning tonight
Drunken Haiku with my friends
Slurring words is fun!
~  Debbie

I'll leave you with this final gem...

The scent of dog poop
Cooking on the hot pavement
Makes me walk faster. 

The unsigned poems are mine - 
the rest are guest poets.
Please feel free to send me your
spontaneous Haiku's!

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