Sunday, March 29, 2015

Honi Honi - To Kiss; A Kiss

"The Honi is a Polynesian greeting in which two people
greet each other by pressing noses and inhaling at the same
time.  This is very honorific as this represents the exchange
of ha-the breath of life, and mana-spiritual power between
two people."

Chris and I Honi Honied four times in our ceremony on the
hot sands of Waialae Beach on the afternoon of November 15, 2014.
The ceremony was officiated by Reverend Colin More. 
Our friends Jeff and Reggie, and Chris
and Laura, who also kindly let us stay in one of their
apartments with a fantastic view of the ocean from the lanai.

Pull up a beachchair and enjoy the soundtrack
compliments of Iz Kamakawiwo Ole.

Chris did a fantastic job of putting this slideshow together,
however, by the time it got to my blog it had been copied
and transferred a few times so it looks a bit rough.  Sorry.
So I have added some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Blowing the conch shell to announce the wedding ceremony.

Hawaiian Prayer Chant.

Sand Ceremony symbolizing the combining of
two lives forever intertwined.

Another Prayer...

Exchanging Rings..
"I give you this ring in celebration of our love.
I accept you as my partner and give you all the treasures 
of my mind, my heart and my soul."

Honi, Honi...the first of many!

Exchanging Leis...

More Honi Honi...

The Married Couple...
Do we look any different?

The Wedding Party.

Flower petals instead of rice....
That's much more fun!

All the pretty ladies...

All the handsome guys...

The Rings.

Our Ukulele accompaniment.

Nothing better than LOVE!

I would also like to say the blog is back!
I took some time off for bad that's not right.
I took some time off to play in the sun and ....oh, Get Married!
And I thought about whether I wanted to keep
going with the blog and what it is I want to do with it.

I realized that what I really like is turning people on to things
that inspire me and that I think will inspire other people too. 
It's that simple.  I hope you won't hold the time lapse against me
and that you will continue to join me for some fun in the months to come.

Aloha my little beach bunnies...

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