Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to Shade's World

Welcome to Shade's world....and my very first post!

This is me.....I can be a little sassy sometimes.

This is where the creative magic happens.  And sometimes a little bill paying too...but who wants to read about've got your own bills to pay and your own creativity corners to tend to.  If you look to the right you will see two small green bordered pictures.....

When I was very young my "Bompa" used to tell us kids stories about the Dog and the Coon.  I made these for him as a Christmas present one year.  And if I do say so myself...  they show my budding artistic talents.

The messes have grown larger since then and the complexity too....but it is still fun... and I have so many more toys to play with!

This is Chris....he is my honey and fellow mischief maker.  Although, here it looks like we are watching for aliens or a falling gift basket...

Here is Chris with the newest addition to the family...Devin James Cherrier.  Devin has been instructed to call Chris "Captain Awesome!"  I am to be referred to simply as "Aunt Shade...Queen of the Universe." 


I would like to say it has been all sunshine and cheer this last year.  Sadly, my mother lost her battle to the nasty opponent...ALS.  (Lou Gehrigs).  She leaves behind two wrung out children who are slowly working their ways back to a new normal.  She also leaves behind a wonderful legacy of art quilts which you can see by going to the link for  I would like to think she is now in a heavenly quilt patch, sewing at the speed of light.

Three months later we lost Maddie...the worlds best snuggler.  She was always waiting to sit in my lap after a hard visit to the care facility to see mom.  She loved to wander around making muffled meow sounds while carrying her bunny in her mouth. (Mostly after we had just gotten to sleep).  And if she saw any hugging...she wanted in!

 One last family member....this is Mister.  He used to be called Morgan, but I heard Chris call him Mister so often when we first met that I thought it was Morgan's name.  Chris asked me one day why I always called him Mister.  He got a good laugh out of my selective hearing...and now the name has stuck.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting the family.  I will continue to vie for your rapt attention in further posts.  And I hope it will spur me to excellent adventures so I have something to report.  Until next time.....

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