Saturday, July 27, 2013

1 Cute House - 4 Fun Sketches

Is there any better way to spend the day,
than with 3 good friends with sketchbooks in hand?
Let's see what we've been up to....
This was our inspiration.  A cozy yellow house.
Mmm...I smell yummy muffins in there.
Katie made us tasty treats!

Hard at work in the sun.  

After an hour of drawing we sat at the table
and brought out some scrumptious supplies.

  You remember Sandi...we hung out at Passionflower
last week.  She has a rainbow of colors to use.

Melysa worked her magic with colored pencils.


Here I am...mugging for the camera.
Notice the hat hair....

Katie has a little helper.
Now is that fair?
This is Paloma...she's a real charmer!

Here are the results from our afternoon....

4 unique people - 4 unique interpretations!

It's fun to compare....
I hope you had fun watching the process.

Hmmm...I just thought of something.
It took us 1 hour to sketch and
2 hours to paint.  Guess what that equals =
3 hours of optimism!


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