Sunday, July 21, 2013


Several downtown City streets were blocked off from
automobile traffic this Sunday so the walkers and bikers
could come out and play in the streets.
Who hasn't waited for permission to do that?

There was music, food, activities and many of
the stores were opened too.
(Can you say..."J. Michaels" and money spent on books!)
My friend Sandi and I joined the party

We packed sketchbooks and pens...
stopped at Starbucks for iced Chai and Mocha
and looked for the perfect sketching spot.
I've wanted to draw Passionflower, forever....
and finally here was my chance.


Two hours and two sore bums later...those curbs are not cushy..
we went into Passionflower to show off our drawings.
The staff loved them and you can see our famous photos
on Passionflower's Facebook page!
I'm not a Facebooker...I know...I know...
or I'd give you the link.

 If you have never been...make your way down to 128 W. Broadway and Pearl.
They have the most fabulous gifts.

You never know what you will find....

..for instance a copy of "The Drunken Botanist".
Where else will you find that?

Here is Sandi with her completed picture...
have you met?  Good friend of mine.
Mad talent that girl....

Here's the prize winning close-up.

Here is my double page spread.....
certainly worth the sore bum....and so fun to compare.
If you check closely you will see that we just
started making things up at the end.
That's a tricky artist thing when you are getting tired.
Don't tell...

If you want to check out Passionflower online, go to:
so much cool stuff !

I hope you enjoyed spending a Sunday afternoon with me!
We'll talk soon.....

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