Monday, June 9, 2014

Inherit the Wind

I'm sorry my faithful readers for being away so long.
I have been busy with a couple of paintings that I
will show you soon.  And I tackled a painting project of a 
different kind at the Very Little Theatre here in Eugene.

 Floorboards were needed for the set of "Inherit the Wind".
Through the magic of theatre shortcuts (which aren't always
so short) we dunked rollers into various colors of paint to 
start the process.

 This is Bill, our intrepid leader who showed the way.
He is also in the show as the character Henry Drummond.

 Adrian (stage manager) and I took grooved plastic and
drug it through the paint to give it texture.


After that dried we painted in dark lines between the "boards"
to give them definition and Bill painted a light stain of
brown over the top to make the floor look more uniform.

When we were finished....viola....a hardwood floor!

Red chairs for the jury box.


What you don't see behind the scenes.
 Chris McVay is a long time member of the  Very Little Theatre
and the director of "Inherit the Wind".  The play is running
one more weekend, through June 14th.
The play is a fictionalized account of the 1925 Scopes "Monkey" Trial
which resulted in John T. Scopes's conviction for teaching Charles
Darwin's theory of evolution to a high school science class, contrary to
a Tennessee state law.

Director Chris McVay says,  "The fact that the themes of science vs.
religious dogma (creationism or intelligent design), and the place
of individual rights in society are profoundly relevant today, nearly
60 years after this play was written, give "Inherit the Wind" 
a contempory universality. This play is about the dignity of every
individual mind; the right to think, speak, and in this case, teach
ideas that may go against traditional accepted thinking
and even the law."

Chris McVay sets a wonderfully cinematic tone to thus play with
a wonderful cast headed up by Chris Pinto as Matthew Harrison Brady,
and Bill Campbell as Henry Drummond.
I've seen it twice.  There are plenty of laughs and drama.
If you are interested in catching the last week of this show,
check out the link below:

or this review:

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