Monday, April 21, 2014

Views of Venice

I joined some friends this weekend
for a taste of Venice.
Melysa, Sandi and I broke into the acrylic
paints and tackled our own version of
another artist's painting.  Sandi tried to find
who to give credit to...but I can tell you
that ours our different enough to not cause 
concern to the original artist. 

Sandi suggested our subject matter.
It makes you want to get lost in endless
winding streets and hop on for a 
romantic gondola ride.
Aren't all of the guides good looking?
That's what I've heard!

Now here is somone who knows
how to mix paint...

Here is the original...

Here is Sandi's version...
I love the misty feel to it.
Can you believe she painted this
in two and a half hours.
Props lady...

Here is Melysa's painting...
also done in two and a half hours.
I love the glassy surface of the water.

And she just whipped out this gondola
and lucky passengers.

Brushes, paints and good company...

Look what happened when we lined them all up?
We each eyeballed these paintings.  No one laid
them out beforehand!

Sandi floating away on vacation..

Melysa gliding peacefully to new discoveries...

Where am I in all this?
Mine would be the unfinished painting
with the building that looks like it is 
going to topple into the water...
I don't know how they did it in that block of time
but I'll show you mine when it is finished.
Amazing work ladies...I can't wait for the next paint date!!

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