Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here we Vango Again

This is how it all starts.
A blank canvas, a blank page..
and in my case...a blank mind
waiting for inspiration to show up.
It sounds rather Zen doesn't it?
But in this case I didn't even have to
think anything up.  All the better!
Supplies at the ready...
Sandi Bonn and I had a date at
Vino and Vango to paint some Zinnea's.

Here's Sandi laying down the basics.
Look at those lovely greens and blues.
My attempts show a softer palette.
What the heck are those big white circles on our canvases?
Aha...something does go there.

The shading on these flowers is beautifully done...
Sandi thought mine looks Chagallesque...
Maybe that Studying the Masters class rubbed off on me.
You can't get more Spring than this..

From blank to blooms..
Nothing better than a painting buddy!

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